What’s New

What is GES up to?

Natural User Interface

GES is funding and mentoring a leading edge application development firm specializing in Natural User Interface.

GES has launched a new service-oriented approach to keep our client’s goals in mind.

GES is researching and building a new data center location in central PA.

GES is helping an urban telecommunication company develop and launch new internet services to under-served population.

GES is developing an early stage company in the online movie rental/purchase market.

GES is taking lead building new division from ground up for New Jersey based Consumer Electronics chain including marketing, sales development and training program for current and future staff.

GES is taking the lead on image and online branding needs for a new trendy fashion company based HQ in New Jersey.

GES is building an e-commerce website and marketing campain for a jewerly desinger looking to expand there market and client reach.

GES is building a new graphic arts company that’s founder has been doing artwork for over 15 years now.

GES is improving the image of New Jersey home improvement company by creating a full company branding; website, logo, business cards, letterhead, etc.

GES just finished with Sarbanes and Internal Audit project at a New Jersey Pharma company.

GES is helping a New Jersey based retail chain with new store locations, product negotiations and brand building.

GES is helping build a NJ based pharmaceutical company that requires funding and a research location to develop two new drugs.

GES is helping an US based telecom company get to the next level.  We are taking a half ownership in the business; negotiating vendor contracts, business development and attracting new capital.

GES is helping launch a New Jersey based cellular and computer retail store in mid to late July.

GES sourcing funding for a New Jersey residential builder to expand a land development project starting  in August 2006 and scheduled to wrap up in 2007.

GES is helping a consumer electronics manufacturer with its United States product launch via nationally distributors and retail chains.