Test Site

We may be finished major development of the site, but before going live we need to test it.

We’ll do testing on the technological aspects of the site first, answering questions like:

  • Will this website function in all major browsers and resolutions?
  • Is the code valid and SEO supportive?
  • Do any pages lag or are there any dead links?
For more information on more in-depth and ongoing testing, check out our Quality Control page.

Next, we’ll review our first brainstorming meeting to make sure that all the questions that we asked have been answered by the website.

  • Does the site address the correct demographic?
  • Is there an obvious channel for the next step you want your users to take?
  • Is the maintenance of the site what you were expecting (e.g. for blog-style sites, is it easy to make frequent updates)?
The job isn’t complete until all the functionality of the site is working and you’re satisfied that the site lived up to your expectations.

Once the site has been tested and both you and the developers are happy, it’s time to launch.