Create Mockup

Once we’ve agreed on the layout, it’s time to make a mockup of what your site will look like.  Typically, this will include a sample of both the homepage and another page (unless there are other pages with unique design elements, in which case we’d create a mockup of them too).

Our team of graphic designers will reach out to you for whatever images they need to complete the project.  Once they have a copy of your logo, images, and preferred color scheme, they will get to work and produce an image of your new page.  This image isn’t online, instead it’s just a snapshot of what your page will look like when it does go live (in either JPG, PNG, PDF, or PSD form).

This is just the first draft of how your site will look. After that we’ll do however many rounds of perfecting it takes to make sure the website looks just right.

If you have your own graphic designers, we’re happy to work with them.  Just have them send us a mockup of exactly how you’d like your site to appear and we’ll do all the coding on our end.

Now that we understand the goal of the site, have a sitemap, and have a mockup, we’re ready to build the site.