Create Layout Draft

At this stage, we’re ready to start working on the main layout of the site.  Obviously, not every page within your site is going to look the same, however there are some elements which will be the same everywhere.  These might include:
  • Navigation bar
  • Company logo
  • Color scheme
  • Footer
If you already have a layout in mind, we’ll happily adapt your rough sketches into an image of a fully formed page.  We’d ask you for a graphic like the one on the right which is just a draft of how you want the layout to look.  If there’s another site you’d like to use as a template, we can work off that as well. If you’re not sure what you’d like the layout to be, we can help there too.  Depending on the type of site you have (brochure site, blog, online store, etc.), certain layouts might make more sense.  We’ll help you decide what’s the best way to lay out your site and using your sitemap, organize the theme in a way that makes sense for the organization of your pages. Once we have a rough outline of the layout, we’re ready to create a mockup.