Build sitemap

A sitemap is a directory or index of all the viewable web pages within your website.  You can check out our sitemap here. Many companies only create sitemaps after they’ve created their website.  However, by building up the sitemap before creating the rest of the site, we can minimize the amount of effort going into the navigation and layout work. Basically, when building a sitemap, you are building the entire navigation of your site.  That includes, which pages are linked to each other, which pages are just sub pages (or children) of another page, and which pages are independent of other pages in the navigation For a simple website, your sitemap may look like the one in the image. When a user lands on this website, they immediately land on the “about us” page.  From there, they have links to a blog, a sitemap, services, and a history of the company.  All the pages listed in blue won’t appear until the user drills down into one of those top links. A similar sitemap would be put together for your site.  Once this is ready and agreed upon, we’re ready to create the layout draft.