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At this point, we have all the information to build your site.

GES Consultants, LLC does custom web development and can create your website from the ground up with its own distinct HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP.  However, we also like to leverage many of the popular libraries and frameworks that are tested, stable, and make your website more scalable for future updates.

In addition to coding, at this point we are also setting up your server, mail client, and security settings.  If the site is using a technology that requires database setup, than we are also building the user list and tables and doing unit tests.

All of our sites are built with best practices for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind.  We make sure our sites are still descriptive and readable to web crawlers and spiders, and minimize elements that are invisible to search engines.

Note: We will not point your domain name to the site until we get approval.  During the time it takes to code and build the site, we can point the end user to whatever temporary location you’d like (whether this is an “under construction” page or a copy of an earlier version of your site).

As we near the end of our first draft of your site, we’re ready to test.

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