Email marketing

Email Marketing is one of the fastest, cheapest, and most effective ways to reach your customers and potential customers. GES can help you keep in touch with who’s important by providing custom email designs and HTML/CSS coding that is guaranteed to work across all major email clients.  We’ll work with you no matter what level of assistance you need, including:
  • Consultation for design, coding, or managing email campaigns
  • Ad-hoc design for special email blasts
  • Template design for ongoing updates
  • Complete coding in valid xHTML and CSS
  • Text-only compatibility
In addition to helping you set up your blast, we’ll ensure the messages reach their targets through analytics and thorough management of your groups. Special features include: Multiple eMail Client Testing comcast1 yahoo1 gmail1 outlook1 We’ve created accounts with a variety of major email services.  After we’ve created your campaign, we’ll send it out to our test accounts to make sure it looks on arrival the same as it does being sent. Tracking With Google Analytics we can tag links in your email campaign with distinct campaign names.  In other words, we can know which links were clicked in the email, how often, and what kind of conversion rate are you getting from those links.  No more sending out a large email and only hoping that most of the addressees are opening it.  Now we have hard metrics to show us what was clicked, what wasn’t, and what turned into business. Group Management You may wish to send different emails to different groups of people, but maybe you just keep those email addresses all clumped together until you’re ready to sort them and send.  Let us help you categorize your lists of emails so you can quickly address a campaign to the folks you meant to receive it.  We will not only make sure your email gets where it’s supposed to go, but also monitor for any outdated addresses and let you know which people haven’t received your message. To get a quote on a project, or to find out more information, contact us for a free consultation and we’ll be happy to help.

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