We do application development & start-up mentoring

GES Consultants, LLC works out of our Utah and Pennsylvania locations offering application development and business mentoring for established and start-ups companies.  We are a full application design firm that is happy to interface with your team or just use us for a fast to market development options from product vision, user experience, user interface, speed optimization and even just a proof of concept to show to management.  We are happy to discuss your custom solution and/or service needs you require to accomplish this years business needs.

What makes us special; both our application development and business mentoring teams are all based in USA with solid communications.  GES is always happy to introduce you to other partners outside of our application and business mentoring focus.  We believe successful businesses need to focus in their strengths not try to do everything since it will weaken your value proposition.  Our client focus is consumer electronics or hardware vendors that need software to deliver more value to their customers via mobile applications for any device, Internet of Things solutions and even the hot new Perceptual Computing.

GES Consultants, LLC is led by GES, which has a history in business dealings for over 20 years.  GES’s personal experience outside of business consulting comes from TD Ameritrade, Nabisco Brands now Kraft, BOC Gases now The Linde Group, Novartis, Organon USA now Merck and dozens of high growth companies.